So you didn’t use your coupons in time, what can you do now?

1. Use Them At Your Local Store

Sometimes, stores will accept manufacturer coupons after their expiration dates have passed. Even with major chains, sometimes the chain itself will not have a policy, so it’s up to the local store managers to decide whether or not to accept these coupons. If there’s one store near you that does, it’s likely that others will too in order to be competitive. The best way to find out if your local store does is to call customer service and ask. It never hurts to ask!

2. Some Chains Will Accept Them or Find You A New One

Some stores such as Bed, Bath and Beyond are notorious for accepting expired coupons. If they don’t, sometimes they will have new promotions that they can apply for you instead of the old coupon. Typically, these stores are more likely to accept their own coupons rather than manufacturer coupons. The best tactic is to ask the cashier, if you’re polite and friendly they may be willing to go that extra step to help you.

3. Send Them To Members of the Military

Military commissaries accept manufacturer coupons up to 6 months past their expiration date! There are organizations such as Grocery Savings Tips and Overseas Coupon Program that you can work with to get your coupons over to military families who can use them. Simply visit their websites to get started.

4. Use Them With Your Kids or Grandkids

While this option doesn’t reap any savings, coupons are a great learning tool for kids! Clip coupons, match them up with products in the house, and teach valuable math and savings lessons by having kids calculate how much money they would save by using a coupon in a store.

5. Don’t Distress

Finally, don’t distress if you didn’t end up using a coupon. Keep an eye out for the brand or store to release new coupons, and odds are the item you wanted will come back around. So many coupons come out every day that it’s impossible to use them all, and if you want to use a coupon just for the sake of using a coupon, you probably don’t need the item in the first place.